Rachna Garodia
Woodland Walk
, 103 x 98 x 3.5 cm, handwoven wool, cotton, jute, linen, raffia, bark (london plane, palm) cinnamon, wheat pod and grass held in handcrafted frame in oak, 2018


Rachna’s tapestries seek to bring the 'outside' in, evoking the simple pleasures of a woodland walk. All around the world we have been forced to pause, to stay at home and save lives. Her hand woven works are like a prayer in praise of the spirit of nature, its mutability and irregularity. She juxtaposes natural yarns like cotton, linen, wool, silk with found and gathered materials like paperbark, seedpods and twigs. She combines unexpected textures. Where voids in the weave created by bits from nature, act like the silences between notes in music. Rachna is a London based Textile designer and artist. She trained at the National Institute of Design in India and the Royal School of Needlework in London.