Briefing papers

As the electricity markets undergo a huge overhaul as part of REMA, the End User Forum (EUF) will explore the implications for end users of sending more efficient locational signals in electricity markets, and what a positive outcome of any reform would look like.

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The Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) is the largest programme of reforms to the electricity market in a generation. This document looks at what fair outcomes for consumers could look like, and the tradeoffs that may need considering. This background note was a joint document between Sustainability First and Citizen's Advice

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This briefing summarises a short literature review of culture and organisational change in private firms and public bodies (government departments and regulators), and in public utilities.  This research is part of our Sustainability Principles Project, which is looking at how a principles-based approach to change can support public utilities, and potentially actors in other sectors, in the move to a more sustainable future. 


A coherent response is needed to the energy crisis which is both fair and delivers net zero. We set out the need to actively engage civil society and argue for urgent energy efficiency investment. We explore options for providing social protection both short-term to help people this winter and medium to longer-term to ensure retail energy markets are fit for the future.