One of the factors that is important in Ofgem's calculation of the price cap for Economy 7 customers is the assumption on the split between day and night usage. We are concerned that updating this one aspect in isolation could have adverse consequences. We would therefore like to see wider review of Economy 7 customers in the price cap.

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The Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) is the largest programme of reforms to the electricity market in a generation. This document looks at what fair outcomes for consumers could look like, and the tradeoffs that may need considering. This background note was a joint document between Sustainability First and Citizen's Advice

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We are pleased to see specific reference to Economy 7 customers in your latest Call for Input, but are concerned that Ofgem is only proposing to look at the narrow question of “additional wholesale allowances”. As set out in the It's a Lottery report, by Gridge Edge Policy, the concern for Economy 7 customers relates to total wholesale costs

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We held a rountable on the roughly 3 million energy customers who are being unfairly and inconsistently treated, following a report by Maxine Frerk called 'It's a Lottery', which revealed that these 'Economy 7 customers are not being adequately protected. This document is an unattributed note that captures the findings and recommendations expressed at the rountable


We recently ran a roundtable on Economy 7 customers involving charities, regulators and government following a report by Maxine Frerk called 'It's a Lottery'. It is clear that the way many suppliers make use of the flexibility in how they set relative day and night rates is creating a lottery across suppliers, regions and payment methods.

Roundtable slides