Sustainability First Art Prize: Prize Winners and Shortlist Gallery

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Copyright of all works remains the property of the artist; any enquiries for copyright will be referred to the artist.


William Bock (First Prize)
May Daily #4 Illegal Dump, Ireland, 60 x 110 cm, photograph, 2020.

Liz Elton (Second Prize)
, 500 x 350 cm, compostable cornstarch, vegetable dyes from food waste, food colouring, food supplements, water miscible oil, silk and seeds from native medicinal plants, 2019.

Freya Moffat (Third Prize)
Untitled, 30 x 42 cm, Chromogenic Photographic Paper, 2020

Geraint Ross Evans (Highly Commended)
The Closer We Are, 48 x 366 cm,Cardiff Rivers Group, 48 x 122 cm
Both charcoal on paper, mounted on oriented strand board, 2019

Estelle Woolley (Highly Commended)
, photograph self-portrait with moss, 2020

Georgia Tucker

Virtual Reality Environment - Unreal Engine, 2020

Adam Sadiq

Selected Ambient Air: COVID London 2020
, audio-visual installation, Max MSP, Ableton, open data, 2020.

Stephen Bennett
Same Planet, Different World
, 20 x 16 inches, Giclée Print (Edition of 10), 2020.

Sarah Strachan
The air we breathe
, 105 x 42.5 x 84 cm, sculpture - wooden cabinet, clear acrylic boxes, found objects, 2019.

Sam Schmitt
May you live in interesting times
, 10 x 13 cm, oil on panel, 2020

Rebecca Harper
Digging up the Dirt
, 24 x 35cm, acrylic on paper, 2020

Rachna Garodia
Woodland Walk
, 103 x 98 x 3.5 cm, handwoven wool, cotton, jute, linen, raffia, bark (london plane, palm) cinnamon, wheat pod and grass held in handcrafted frame in oak, 2018

Rachael Mellors
Illumination, digital image of artist’s shadow at sunrise, Gargarou beach cliff 2019 (no manipulation)

Tere Chad
The ReEnlightenment,
160 x 120 cm Cob, recycled bottles, stones, wood log and bees wax, 2018.

Maria Arceo
Future Dust
, variable heights, 4m x 12m, Thames plastic waste, wood, metal and light, 2017.

Kathy Bruce
Transitory Landscape where Ruins Grow
, 35.6 x 40.6 cm, paper collage, 2020

Jasmine Pradissitto
40 x 35 x 25 cm, noxtek, 2020

Jacob Weeks
To remember, recollect, think of, bear in mind: Amor Padilla Gatinao
, 20 x 25 cm, leaf and frame, 2020

Eleanor Shipman
60,000 Last Breaths
, photograph of sculptures made with protective facemasks, 2018.