Liz Elton (Second Prize), Hill

Liz Elton (Second Prize), Hill

Liz considers the potential embedded in waste. Her paintings are made on compostable food recycling bag material, which is fragile and ethereal and floats like parachute silk with the movement of the air around it. The bags are often made from crops such as corn or potatoes, in order to facilitate the disposal of waste food. She uses vegetable dyes from food waste and food colouring, sewing the pieces together with silk. The experience of viewing the work may be meditative, offering a sense of time suspended. The domestic setting in a garden, a reminder of the confines of lockdown, and a sense hope that can be created from everyday materials. Liz has a BA in Fine Art, Painting from Wimbledon College of Art and MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design.


08 January 2021


Art Prize Shortlist