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We are a think-tank and charity that works in essential services to promote practical solutions to improve environmental, social and economic well-being.


Ukraine crisis and impact on utilities

The Ukraine crisis and the impact on utilities

The invasion of Ukraine is a humanitarian tragedy. Without detracting from this, it also has huge impacts for essential services elsewhere. This pack focuses on the implications of the crisis for the UK energy, water and comms sectors; our aim is to support senior decision makers in firms and regulators to be bold and make the best decisions for sustainability and the public interest.

energy forum

Sustainable Futures Energy Forum

What are the most important energy issues affecting young people, today and in future?

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North Sea Artist Residencies

North Sea Artist Residencies

Sustainability First and National Grid are excited to launch two art residencies focused on the UK’s North Sea, a world-leading centre for sustainable energy. We are seeking proposals that celebrate the cultural heritage of coastal communities and explore opportunities provided by sustainable energy. Artists will be paid £4,000, plus a £1,000 stipend, a space to work and an exhibition. Shortlisted artists will be contacted soon.

Sustainability Principles

How can we use a principles-based approach to embed sustainability among decision makers within the essential services of energy, water and comms?


The energy crisis and future retail markets

As we face the ongoing energy crisis, we need solutions that are both fair and deliver net zero. We argue for urgent investment in energy efficiency and active engagement with civil society. We explore ways to provide social protection both short-term to help people this winter, and medium to longer-term to ensure that our retail energy markets are fit for the future. 

Together for a Fair Climate Future

Our Together for a Fair Climate Future programme of events culminated in a series of key messages about how we should respond to climate change. It became abundantly clear that we must address the climate crisis and social inequality together. Click on the image to see our virtual book including the huge variety and richness of entries to this year’s art and writing prizes.


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