Geraint Ross Evans (Highly Commended), The Closer We Are

Geraint Ross Evans (Highly Commended), The Closer We Are

Geraint worked with the Cardiff Rivers Group, a voluntary litter-picking organisation. He depicts these volunteers as selfless guardians of their environment, removing litter from waterways, restoring the river through urban and rural environments. The Covid19 crisis has served to remind us of the importance of community action as a timeless force for good. Geraint is dedicated to creating large drawings that harness the spirit of collective action and individual responsibility for protecting our planet, and all who reside on it during this time of social, political and climate change. He works from observation and then reimagines these experiences of people, places and activity in the studio. He completed a BA in Fine Art at Swansea Metropolitan University and the Drawing Year at The Royal Drawing School.


08 January 2021


Art Prize Shortlist