Sam Schmitt May, you live in interesting times

Sam Schmitt May, you live in interesting times

“Looking out the window on a snowy day, it’s easy to miss the apartment upstairs is burning.” Sam seeks to draw attention to the things we do not notice. The overwhelming events of this year are a cascade of interconnected crises. We need to see the apartment upstairs, the effect the family’s condition has on our seemingly separate way of life. Developing a climate movement that is more intersectional – with understanding how social and political identities might combine to create unique modes of discrimination and injustice. Sam is a Canadian artist who creates paintings, weavings and installations focusing on immersive personal connection to the ecological processes that sustain our lives. He studied a BFA at Concordia University, Montreal and MA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College.


08 January 2021


Art Prize Shortlist