Camilla Brendon, Living Canal Mobile

Camilla Brendon, Living Canal Mobile

150 x 300 x 50 cm, fishing rope, fenders, soil, plants, 2019

Camilla highlights habitats being harmed by climate change and pollution, with a particular focus on ocean health. She reuses, repairs and repurposes found and donated materials, often from in and around blue spaces. She incorporates living plants, as these help to produce oxygen and store carbon. Camilla works in interdisciplinary collaborations with community groups, scientists and schools. By creating artworks that use objects originally designed for other purposes she shows how instead of consuming newness we can move into a sustainable future reworking what is already in existence. Camilla is a mixed media artist and activist who lives and works in London.

Instagram & twitter: @camillabrendon


27 September 2021


Art Prize Shortlist 2021