The Art and Energy Collective, Moths to a Flame

The Art and Energy Collective, Moths to a Flame

Digital, 2021

‘Moths to a Flame’ is a mass-participation art project for COP26, presented by The Art and Energy Collective. Sharing urgent messages of hope and encouragement for world leaders. The artwork will be displayed in in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens, consisting of over 20,000 handmade moths and messages from people all over the UK (and further afield). It invites people to consider our charged relationship with energy systems through the symbol of the moth. Participants will also be invited to discover moths in their locality, to better understand the affects of human activity on biodiversity. The Art and Energy Collective are a group of artists, thinkers, makers and tinkerers exploring the space where art and energy meet, developing participatory arts projects in response to the climate emergency. 

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Twitter: @OurArtAndEnergy


27 September 2021


Art Prize Shortlist 2021