Hester Ellis, Nest//Bowl//Vessel

Hester Ellis, Nest//Bowl//Vessel

54 x 130 x 120cm, naturally dyed calico fabric, recycled cardboard, 2021

Hester focuses on the emotional connection between herself and the surrounding natural, non-human world. She becomes immersed in a place of creative fluid and flux. Her piece titled ‘Nest//bowl//vessel’ is an expression of gratitude and reliance on the natural world. She uses home grown and foraged dyes to colour bundles of second hand fabric and buries them underground, often with notes and words written for the soil. After weeks and months have passed she resurfaces the bundles and witnesses the transitions that have come from the earth. The complexities of layered life and decay cause beautiful changes. Hester is an ecological artist who explores a mixed media expression of time, environment, nature, growth and play.

Instagram: hesterm.e


27 September 2021


Art Prize Shortlist 2021