Maya Masuda (Joint Third Prize), Nyoro-bara-pichapicha machines

Variable (Site-specific), tapioka powder, glycerine, steal, electric components, jelly, water, etc, 2021

Maya has created series of machines that deviate from capitalistic desires and reconnect with local materials and environments. Her site-specific “machines” contain local soil and materials, as well as local cooking methods, allowing the nature and culture of the region to intervene in their existence. In addition, the circuits running in the water are repeatedly connected and disconnected randomly under the influence of the local climate, humidity, and sunlight, and the machines accidentally appear and disappear. The artist in this work is not the "controller" of the technology but the "caregiver" observing the fragility of the “machines” and their changing states. Maya is an artist and ecofeminist based in Japan and the UK.

Instagram: maya__erin
Twitter: maya_erin


28 September 2021


Art Prize Shortlist 2021