Nigel Goldsmith, Terminal

Video, 2020

Nigel explores the scale and impact of human behaviour on people and planet with a focus on global trade and consumer culture. With economies that rely on endless consumption, resulting in growing amounts of harmful waste and depleted ecosystems. His work subverts the documentary 'day in the life of' style of film to emphasise and magnify the scale of the climate crisis and our modern industrialised nation's reliance on linear, throwaway economics. He uses the visual and aural strategies used in advertising to mesmerise and seduce the viewer, presenting a subject overwhelming in scale yet somehow pleasing to watch. Nigel was born in Carmarthen in Wales and is now based near Bath. He has a BA in Photographic Art from the Polytechnic of Central London (PCL) and an MA in Fine Art from Bath School of Art.

Instagram: @nigelgoldsmith


28 September 2021


Art Prize Shortlist 2021