Rachna Garodia, Muddy Thames

Rachna Garodia, Muddy Thames

120 x 84 x 6cm, wool, cotton, linen, nettle, plastic, paper, moss, driftwood and rusted metal found by the river, 2019

Rachna’s tapestries seek to bring the ‘outside’ in, evoking the simple pleasures of a walk in nature. For ‘Muddy Thames’ she has reflected upon the repetitive and meditative aspect of walking by the river and the cyclical nature of high and low tide. The young alders, buddleias and willows growing among the walls and arches along the banks were a source of inspiration, always waving trapped plastic bags, bottles and other pollutants - a constant reminder to protect and care for what we love and take responsibility for the way we live. She incorporates bin liner strips together with other foraged materials (such as moss, willow and rusted metal) into the weaving. Rachna trained at the National Institute of Design in India and The Royal School of Needlework in London.

Website: www.rachnagarodia.com 
Instagram & Twitter: @rachnagarodia


28 September 2021


Art Prize Shortlist 2021