Geraint Ross Evans @ SSE
Geraint Ross Evans @ SSE

This catalogue showcases a series of works by Geraint Evans, made during his Sustainability First Artist Residency with SSE in 2021.

Artist Statement

I’m delighted to be here in Scotland with the fantastic opportunity to gain a four-week glimpse into SSE’s commitment to sustainable energy. I’m an artist who is on the hunt for hope, often connecting with volunteer groups, charities and industries working tirelessly for our collective benefit, but rarely seen. My process involves drawing them at work before making imagined compositions in the studio, clarifying my time with them and creatively communicating their essential work.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be up and down the glens visiting SSE’s hydroelectric and onshore wind sites to make drawings and drink in the experience. I am especially excited to observe the day to day work of those involved in maintaining these assets as well as how the technology relates to the landscape. As an artist concerned with picture making, I hope to pictorially communicate how structures like the dams, powers stations and wind farms tap into wind and waters journey
through the land. 


Geraint Ross Evans was born in 1988 in Caerphilly and grew up in Cardiff, Wales. Following graduation from Swansea Metropolitan University in 2009 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art; Geraint became closely involved with the South Wales art scene, most notably with the former Tactile Bosch gallery and studios in Cardiff. Following his first solo exhibition, Geraint relocated to London where he was awarded a scholarship to study at The Royal Drawing School, on their postgraduate program The Drawing Year (2014-15).

On completion, he was awarded the Director’s Prize and shortly after, The Richard Ford Award from the Richard Ford Fund (Royal Academy of Arts) to study the paintings at the Prado Museum in Madrid. Geraint’s studio is now based in Cardiff; he continues to work and teach between Cardiff and London. He was recently awarded the Artists Respond to the Now award from the Arts Council Wales and National Museum partnership. Geraint has just completed a residency at Llanfrechfa Grange Hospital Cwmbran, and is now developing a public artwork for the hospital entrance.