Let's get wise about waste

This workshop explores the climate crisis and its consequences. Planet Earth supports life through clean air, fresh water and food, and inspires us with its beauty. Pupils will be supported to creatively celebrate their connection to nature through art and written reflection.

The workshop will encourage care for the environment and each other, with simple ways to take action now against the climate emergency.

The activities will support and inspire pupils to understand how the planet and people are impacted by climate change, deforestation and pollution. Climate activists will share their experiences and advice for young people. The workshop is targeted at Key Stage 2 and Second Level pupils and delivered in collaboration with the Great Science Share for Schools.

Curriculum links: 
England - KS2 Reading and Writing, Science, Art and Design
Scotland - Second level Literacy, Social Studies, Expressive Arts 
Wales - KS2 Art and Design, English, Geography, History

Our changing world

This video focuses on the climate crisis and its consequences. It begins by supporting pupils to explore the existing connections we have with the planet, followed by an introduction to the climate crisis and an overview of its impacts on people and planet.

Curriculum links:
England – Geography and Science
Scotland – Sciences, Technologies and Health and Wellbeing
Wales – Geography

Connecting to nature poster

Pupils will celebrate their connection with nature through drawing a poster. Artist Christabel Forbes shares her experiences of drawing and painting from nature, demonstrating different materials and processes.

Curriculum links:
England - Art and Design
Scotland - Expressive Arts 
Wales - Art and Design

Taking care of the planet and ourselves

As we make plans to take care of the earth, we also need to take care of ourselves. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that allows us to stretch our bodies and breathe deeply so that we can keep our blood flowing and our minds at peace. Annelise Piers offers 10 min or 40 min chair based yoga and breathing practices, for the classroom or home.

Curriculum links:
Health and Wellbeing

Climate action and messages to the world

Pupils will explore ways to take climate action on individual and community levels. They will be guided to write a short statement on how they will take climate action at home at their school and within their communities.

Curriculum links:
England – Citizenship and English (writing)
Scotland - Health and Wellbeing, Literacy
Wales – Geography and English (writing)

Young climate activists

Climate activists share their experiences of taking action on climate change and explain how young people are leading the way, raising awareness of the issues and calling on decision makers to do more. This includes examples of actions pupils can take in their daily lives.

Teacher resources

Resource packs for teachers to accompany this workshop series, including suggested lesson plans and links to further information and resources on waste, climate action and water.


Share your work

Make sure to upload your work so that we can learn with you and share your work with climate experts at our pupils' assembly.

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