Smart Demand and Data
Smart Demand and Data

Tackling the climate crisis and the transition to net zero are revolutionising the way the energy system works and how energy is used in homes and businesses. With increasing resource pressures and a growing biodiversity crisis, water efficiency is also becoming more critical.

Our work in this area examines how behaviour change, demand reduction and response, flexibility services and smart tariffs can help make utilities more sustainable. And our cutting-edge research on energy data identifies the public interest in a fast moving area.

Recent Projects

Smart Meter Data Project

Smart Meter Data

Together with Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), we convened a work programme to investigate how smart meter energy data could be put to work in the public interest and how this can be balanced against the need for individuals privacy and data security. Initially an 18-month project, the Smart Meter Energy Data Public Interest Advisory Group (PIAG) is now into its second phase.

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