Sustainable Futures Energy Forum
Sustainable Futures Energy Forum

Sustainable Futures Energy Forum

The UK's climate response and transition to a low-carbon economy must be informed by inclusive and meaningful engagement.

Our new major Sustainable Futures Energy Forum, in partnership with Ofgem (the energy regulator for Great Britain), will develop an online Forum to help support young people (aged 18-25) to input into decision-making in the energy sector in Great Britain. The project aims to help ensure that plans for reducing carbon emissions and responding the impacts of climate change in the energy sector are fair, inclusive, and consider the needs and priorities of diverse young people, including those with lived experience of climate change. 

The Forum will bring together young people with Ofgem staff and other key actors to investigate some of the key issues in the energy sector. The issues explored will be led by the questions or topics members would like to cover and the climate or energy issues that they are urgently facing. The discussions, conclusions, and recommendations from the Forum will input into regulatory decision-making and help shape the UK’s decarbonisation plan. 

This project builds on the Together for a Fair Climate Future programme, our UK-focussed public outreach programme in the run-up to COP26. This Forum aims to put some of the programme's high-level recommendations into practice. 

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