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Our team - Dr Martin Hurst

Martin was a senior civil servant on environmental issues for 20 years, including as Water Director and Commercial Director in Defra, and as Senior Farming, Environment, Housing and Planning Advisor in Number 10. He is by background a professional economist, with 10 years of experience in HM Treasury, and has a strong grounding in corporate finance.

Since leaving the civil service, he has concentrated on water, floods, housing and major infrastructure appraisal. He currently holds a number of NED appointments, is chair of the government’s Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Defence Committee, is a visiting senior lecturer at UCL on major infrastructure, and is a member of a water company customer challenge group and a trustee of the south east rivers trust.

Martin's publications include government economic services papers on the economics of sustainability and on public finances, and a recent paper in ‘Geography’ and in the TCPA journal on long term water resilience. In this latter context he was also the expert advisor to the government’s recent national drought exercise.

Dr Martin Hurst