Energy for All - Innovate for All

Innovation and consumer vulnerability – improving service and quality of life for energy customers in vulnerable situations 

Sustainability First’s Project Inspire report Energy for All – Innovate for All is a ground breaking piece of research and collaboration which brings together 15 months of analysis and research. Over the course of the project we have brought together and collaborated with more than 100 organisations – consumer and disability groups; energy suppliers; energy networks; academics, regulators, government officials and product and service providers.

Our five vulnerability tools

The report includes a full set of research findings on barriers and enablers to vulnerability innovation. In addition, five practical outputs to help build understanding and ensure innovation delivers improvements for all consumers:

  1. A set of 18 recommendations - Taken together these form a new framework that can catalyse effective innovation for energy customers in vulnerable situations
  2. A sustainability First Vulnerability Innovation Flight Path - This new tool will help companies put the needs of vulnerable customers at the heart of their businesses
  3. Four practical guides to standard, good, and innovative practice to help companies and others improve service delivery and quality of life in the following areas:
    • Identifying customers with additional needs
    • Improving access
    • Affordability – supporting customers on low incomes and in debt
    • Security and peace and peace of mind
  4. A high level overview of the current regulatory framework as it applies to innovation for customers in vulnerable situations. Each good practice guide also includes an overview of the main vulnerability obligations relating to that area
  5. A practical look at how smart innovations can better serve vulnerable customers, both today and tomorrow

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